RED ALERT:  They are taking our G-d given rights away!

“If man himself is the final arbiter of right and wrong, then “right”, for him or her, will be what they desire, regardless of its consequences on other inhabitants of the earth.”   We have learned that we must never grow weary of watching and standing strong against the forces of evil that undermine our identity, autonomy, and G-d given rights.

This truth so aptly stated on the former website of The Jewish Institute for Global Awareness (JIFGA), is at the heart of the matter which I bring to your attention today.  Our faith community, and by extension all of humanity, is under attack from a mighty foe with whom we have contended for generations: those who resist and repel the truth and authority of G-d.

The Noahide Laws are the foundation stones set in antiquity, upon which the rights of every human being have been etched. JIFGA asserted that  “What is most beautiful about these laws, is the breathing room they provide.  They resonate equally in a hut in Africa or in a palace in India, in a school in Moscow or a suburban home in America.  They are like the guidelines of a great master of music or art: firm, reliable, and comprehensive – but only a base, and upon this base each people and every person may build.”

As Jews and Christians, we strive to dwell in the world with these principles at the center of our societies. As Americans, we are the benefactors of these ideals which have been codified in our founding documents and laws. We are people who cherish human rights and know-how quickly they can be lost in a climate of relative humanism and anti-religious world-views.

WARNING SIGNS: The threat is once again at our doorstep.

A legal saga is playing out right here in New Jersey, but its outcome will have far-reaching implications for our nation and generations to come.

In 2015, an orchestrated legal attack backed by “Goliath”, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), targeted a New Jersey man and a small non-profit organization resulting in financial destruction and stripping them of their constitutional rights.

Arthur Goldberg, and the organization that he helped establish, Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH), are the “Davids” now in the crosshairs.  JONAH helped people in the Jewish community and other faiths, find support in line with their religious beliefs by pairing counselors with clients who wanted were experiencing unwanted same-sex attractions.

In an unprecedented move by the SPLC, JONAH was the first non-profit organization in the country to be sued for fraud.  Never before had consumer fraud laws been applied to an organization that was not a commercial business operating for profit.  Although we strongly disagree, in 2015, it was decided that JONAH provided therapy in violation of the NJ Consumer Fraud Act.

Thereafter, Goldberg went on to establish the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness (JIFGA) and its own crowd-funding initiative, Funding Morality. Tragically, on August 7, 2019, Funding Morality was shut down, thanks to more legal maneuvers by the SPLC.  The judge ordered a $3.2 million fine to be paid, ordered the website and its parent nonprofit to shut down, holding that it violated a previous order in 2015.

This truly is a David vs Goliath battle, our First Amendment rights to free speech, religious freedom, and free assembly, are being challenged.

CALL TO ACTION: The faith community must stand together at this time.

A small team of dedicated defenders has banded together to take on Goliath and appeal the judge’s decision.  We believe that we have a strong case and will prove that Arthur Goldberg’s First Amendment Rights of free speech and freedom of religious expression have been violated.   We believe that we can right the wrong that has been done and overturn the huge financial judgment against him.

When we win, an important legal precedent will be set that will serve as a basis to push back against the growing tide of religious persecution as it relates to one’s right to live by and share our biblical values, practices, and beliefs.

We know that when we don’t resist, the tide of persecution does not withdraw by itself. Together, we are the Davids who, with G-d’s help, be victorious defenders of what is right and good for all people.  Will you join the team today by giving as generously as you are able to the Natural Law Defense Fund?  The legal defense fund will provide necessary resources to cover legal costs, court expenses, expert testimony and a vigorous defense of the first amendment rights we hold so dear.